Droplet for
Life Sciences

Droplet works with life science companies, pharma and academic institutions to study disease, monitor response to medication, increase patient engagement and compliance, and more.

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Collect specimens from patients monthly. Run multiple assays on a single specimen collection.


We provide full service logistics: shipping, handling and lab services customized to your workflow.


Make discoveries in chemistry, cell biology, biome and more using this novel specimen type.


Advisory Board

Jose Aleman, MD PhD

Professor, Endocrinology
NYU Langone Medical Center

Kian Beyzavi, PhD

former VP of Global Marketing

Shion Lim, PhD

Postdoc Fellow in Protein Chemistry

Nancy Reame, PhD

Director of Pilot Studies
Irving Institute of Columbia University

Leanna Sudhof, MD

Obstetrician / Gynecologist
Beth Israel Deaconess / Harvard

Nitin Vaswani, MD

Program Director

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