Join our women's health study and get $30.
We are conducting a study by mail on diabetic women ages 18 to 50 who menstruate for clinical research.
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How it works
Receive kit in the mail
Receive a kit in the mail with materials, return postage, and instructions.
Lab test and swab
On the second day of your period, perform an at-home menstrual test and get a blood draw (video guide).
Return sample for gift card
Return sample for analysis. Once the samples are verified as being genuine and meeting the specified criteria, we will send you an Amazon gift card.
What is this study for?
We are a healthcare company who's mission is to make preventative healthcare available to everyone. Our research study is on women aged 18 - 50 who get periods and how to better screen for common health issues. This research is qualified by an institutional review board under IRB Protocol #20172117.
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